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Marine Debris and the Common Fisher-person

I've been reading about marine debris and read that synthetic fishing line has largely replaced lines made of hemp and canvas. As a recreational fisher I have utilized and unfortunately lost my share of synthetic line to the snags and large fish never seen. I generally try to collect loose line that I see in the environment but if we were to move back towards biodegradable fishing line we could make steps towards reducing the amount of marine debris and in turn protect aquatic species from becoming entangled and/or ingesting this material.

A quick search (Biodegradable Fishing Line) found Eagle Claw Bioline as an option - A deeper look showed that this may be discontinued though...

A search for Hemp fishing line has a few results but nothing clearly defined as hemp fishing line. The most I could find was about a new line Gliss which may be made of Hemp. It appears as though the market is wide open for Biodegradable fishing line.

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